Ten Reasons Why You Should Stay at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Poly Bed

Recently my clan and I stayed at Disney's Polynesian Resort and we fell in love! Our only other experience with Disney Resorts was the Caribbean Beach Resort. While we enjoyed the Caribbean Beach Resort, and would recommend it, the Polynesian suited us much better.You can ask anyone who has stayed at the Polynesian why they love it and you will get a multitude of answers. Some may agree with what I'm about to say and some may think I'm completely bonkers.To give you some perspective, we … [Read more...]

More Buses to Receive Cameras for Safety


After testing cameras on a couple of buses, Walt Disney Transportation has decided to install four cameras in every bus in the fleet. For the safety of everyone aboard, three will be exterior, while one will be interior.I recently saw one of the buses in the test run. It appears that at least one camera is focused on the load zones of the buses. I do hope this will cut down on some of the rowdiness at the bus stops.How do you feel about cameras on buses? Do you think other modes of … [Read more...]

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 DVD Review:Where Do We Go From Here?


Grey's Anatomy Season 8 begins with the residents return for their first day of fifth year. This year will make or break their career. Some will persevere, some will leap and bound over the others, but one, one will surprise you when this doctor fails the boards. I was surprised by the failure of one of the residents and I'm left wondering, in Grey's fashion, what the future of the doctor holds.Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Season 8 doesn't disappoint. We begin the journey with … [Read more...]

Disney World Parks Pet Peeves:You Down With PPP? (Yeah You Know Me)


Have I mentioned lately how much I absolutely love Walt Disney World? There's nothing in this world like walking down Main Street, U.S.A. with Cinderella Castle looming in the distance, the beautiful sounds of the Mainstreet vehicles, clop clop clop of the horse's hooves, meeting and greeting the Mayor and his wife, oh and the sweet heavenly scents wafting from the Main Street Bakery.I do love Disney, really, I do. You could even call me twitterpated, but sometimes it makes me want to punch … [Read more...]

Five Things To Do Before Your First or Fiftieth Disney Vacation


Congratulations, you have just booked your first (or fifitieth!) Disney vacation! But, now what? You've figured out your hotel, your flight, and booked an amazing package with tickets included. Nothing left to worry about, right?That's not quite true. Most people think that's the end of vacation planning, but it's not, at least where Disney is concerned. A decent plan in place could vastly improve your Disney vacation.First and foremost, follow a reputable Disney Blog. You're already … [Read more...]