Oldies But Goodies – Six Things Seniors MUST Do At Walt Disney World

There are a lot of us Oldies who love to ride every attraction every time they visit Walt Disney World and I am one of them. I plan on doing this as long as I am physically able. There are, however, lots of things you can do aside from the parks that are not just pleasant diversions but also can bring fun, romance, or excitement to your visit (especially for the Senior crowd, my Peeps!!) Here are just a few that my wife and I have experienced, you pick the ones you want to try!!Dinner At … [Read more...]

Disney – The Champions Of ‘Underpromise’ And ‘Overdeliver’

First of all, these are my personal opinions and you may or may not agree. Regular visitors to any of the Disney venues already know what I'm talking about in the article's title. Disney regularly tells you what they are going to do, they do exactly what they promise and then as Walt Disney himself insisted on for everything offered by his company, they 'Plus It'. In other words, they do just a little bit extra to make the experience that much more memorable. I'm not going to lay out a bunch of … [Read more...]

Oldies But Goodies – Five Things Seniors Look For In A Resort

When traveling to Walt Disney World, you may be surprised to learn that we Oldies look for different things in a resort than a lot of other groups. Most of us have spent many, many (did I mention many) decades working very hard to get to this point in our lives and we expect to be well treated. Also, in most instances, we are willing to pay what it takes to have our expectations met. With Disney, you generally find the service you need but a lot of what you have learned to expect from your visit … [Read more...]

The Chip And Company Disney Week In Review For August 22nd

Here we are again and it's time for the Chip and Company Disney Week In Review. This weekend has been a huge news maker with the D23 Expo in Anaheim and since it is still going on, Chip and Company has representatives in attendance who will present the news to you over the next few days. There has been plenty of other news so we will cover that here and yes, we will also present you with some of the views of our growing staff of incredible writers.Let's start out with some "newsy" type … [Read more...]

Around The ‘Disney’ World – Animal Kingdom’s Discovery Island

When visiting Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom the first thing you are bound to notice is the Tree Of Life which sits on the back center of Discovery Island. The Tree Of Life is also the park's icon and a true beauty it is. Of course it is a 'Disney Imagineering Tree' and we all know that means it is constructed and not grown. The skeleton of the tree is an oil rig base, the leaves are a vinyl type product and the bark is of course concrete. The most unique part of the tree are the 366 animals … [Read more...]

Around The ‘Disney’ World – Hollywood Studios’ Echo Lake Area

There are only a few 'lands' at Walt Disney World where you get the variety you get the Echo Lake area of Disney's Hollywood Studios. This variety is in both attractions and dining venues. As far as attractions, we have a relatively new attraction in the American Idol Experience, an old solid standby in the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, an attraction that is and has been in limbo for an extended period of time in Sounds Dangerous, and finally a long standing favorite that has just … [Read more...]

Top 5 Things For Seniors To Do At Downtown Disney

Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney area is a lovely place to get away from the theme park madness and just do a few things to relax. This is especially important to us Seniors as that constant go-go-go of the parks will wear anyone out particularly Oldies like us. There are a number of things to take advantage of that allow you to have new experiences but at a relaxing pace. These Top 5 items are in no particular order and the numbers are there just to show you I didn't lose count!!!Cirque … [Read more...]

Chip and Company Disney Week In Review For August 8th

Welcome to this week's Chip and Company Disney Week In Review. There was a lot happening this week including information that a lot of us, fall visitors to Walt Disney World, have been waiting for. We have also got a couple of new Facebook pages that we encourage you to visit: First - You Might Be A Disney Addict If... and Second - Disney For Seniors . We sincerely hope you enjoy both of these pages and will give us a "Like" and visit regularly. Now, on to this week' news and views.Here is … [Read more...]

Seniors At Disney World – What Are Some Of Our Concerns?

When we Seniors travel to Walt Disney World we have concerns that the majority of younger adults and kids simply do not have. We need to face it - as we age we have different priorities when we travel and many of these center around our own well being when we are away from home. Walt Disney World is a very public and often crowded environment and in most cases we are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the environment in which we are most comfortable. That can be, and often is, very … [Read more...]

Around The ‘Disney’ World – Epcot’s Future World (West)

The west side of Future World is full of outstanding attractions, pleasant diversions and some pretty darn good dining. We have to start off with what is arguably one of the top two most popular (Toy Story Midway Mania being the other) e-ticket attractions in all of Walt Disney World - Soarin'. A tour of California by hang glider this attraction, with it's spectacular photography, is a fun and quite tame attraction enjoyed by people of all ages. If you want to ride it more than once (and you … [Read more...]