Memorial Day Weekend at Walt Disney World

flyover Walt Disney World

Spring has sprung—although a lot of areas across the U.S. aren’t exactly feeling it yet—and while Walt Disney World Resort is smack in the middle of the Spring Break craze, we're already looking ahead to what’s next.Memorial Day will fall on Monday, May 27, this year. It’s a great time of year to visit the Parks, with perfectly balanced spring/summer weather. Plus, many kids across the nation are still in school, so the crowd levels haven’t yet peaked. So what kinds of Memorial holiday … [Read more...]

Boating around Walt Disney World

WDW Canoe

The nearest ocean is a good hour’s drive away in either direction from Walt Disney World. Although the Resort is landlocked, all is not lost for Guests who love the open waters.I feel like Bubba Blue from Forrest Gump, except instead of spouting shrimp dishes I’m listing boating options. You’ve got…Pedal boating Canoeing Kayaking Motor boating Sailboating Parasailing (pulled by a boat) Tubing (pulled by a boat) Water skiing (pulled by a boat) Wake boarding Specialty … [Read more...]

Is There Fishing at Walt Disney World?

fishing World Showcase

Call me crazy (you have before!), but I like downtime at Walt Disney World. I didn't used to be that way. The first few times my family visited Walt Disney World, we pushed ourselves to the limits, trying to do everything we possibly could. Every moment that wasn't spent sleeping was devoted to park time. And it led to many miserable days—we refer to them as Grumpy days—when everyone’s on edge and the Disney magic is more annoying than it is uplifting. That’s when we started searching out some … [Read more...]

Phineas and Ferb: Animal Agents DVD Review

Phineas and Ferb Animal Agents

PHINEAS AND FERB: ANIMAL AGENTS coming to DVD February 26, 2013! 12 Adventures Featuring Perry the Platypus and His Animal ComradesHow well does anyone really know their pet…or ANY animal? Behind a cute and/or cuddly exterior there may lurk a cunning crime-fighter with a brown fedora, a top-secret identity, and a license to thrill!Perry the Platypus, family pet of the Flynn-Flethchers, may seem like an animal who “doesn’t really do much,” but when no one’s looking and before anyone … [Read more...]

Disney Valentines from

Mickey Minnie Valentine

Valentine's Day is days away! Last week, I showed you some heartwarming, homemade Valentine gift ideas from Disney’s, and today I’m showing off a few of the projects my kids made. They’re very simple and require few materials, most of which you probably already have on-hand. They make great gifts for moms, dads, grandparents, friends, and even favorite teachers!Project #1: Mickey Heart Cookies You will need: sugar cookie dough (either buy pre-packaged or make your own … [Read more...]

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