ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge 3


Hey guys! It is Jackie again and I have moved onto round 3 of the Jane By Design Style Challenge! It is pretty exciting stuff and I could not have done it without your help!As Gray would say, a purse says a lot about a person and good thing because style challenge number 3 is all about them! The instuctions were to go to my closet and select my favorite purse, the purse that most represents me, photographic it and share why it shows the very essence of who I am.The purse that happens to … [Read more...]

ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge – Task 2


As you guys may have noticed, I have been participating in the Jane By Design Style Challenge put on by ABC Family to help spread the word about their new show premiering January 3rd at 9/8c.  The good news is I have made it to the next round "Barley" - Grays words, not mine!  Each week on Tuesday and Friday we receive a new task!  Here was this past Friday's Task #2!"Find the plain white t-shirt in your trunk.  Using items around your house or your office, create a design on the t-shirt … [Read more...]

ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge – Inspiration

Please watch my Inspiration Haul video below then share with us what inspires you?Have you been out at a store and picked up a certain pillow that inspired your whole bedroom or a pair of earring that inspired your whole outfit?  We would LOVE to hear from you! Make a quick video showing us your own "haul" and upload it to the official Jane By Design Facebook Page HERE or head over and share a post on what Inspired you!Now that you have watched my Inspiration Haul video, what … [Read more...]

ABC Family’s Jane By Design Style Challenge


ABC Family's new show "Jane By Design" is putting on a challenge for select bloggers leading up to their big premiere January 3rd at 9/8c.  Over the next 3 weeks I will be participating in a series of 7 challenges!  Today the trunk arrived with details about the challenge as well as some items I am sure the challenges will be based around!        Among the contents in the trunk was a letter from Gray Chandler Murray of the Donovan Decker fashion house, letting me know I will be recieving my … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ways To Have A WDW Birthday On A Budget

Birthday Cake

Spending a Birthday at Walt Disney World can be one of the most magical birthdays a person ever has!  What a special memory, especially for a child.  But a birthday at Walt Disney World can be expensive especially if you take into consideration the cost of the vacation in itself with park tickets and room rates we are talking a lot of money.  My daughter has been lucky enough to spend 2  out of her 4 birthdays at Walt Disney World and here are a few things that we do to keep the cost … [Read more...]