Disney World Quick Tip: Packing Laundry Detergant

When I am headed to Walt Disney World, I know I am going to do laundry. We like to change our clothes to go to dinner after a long day at the Parks and with jammies and maybe a pair or two of workout clothes it equals a lot of laundry! There is no way we can possible pack all of the clothes we need to take to Disney without doing laundry.As I stroll through the the travel size isle at the store I always feel compelled to put some of the travel size laundry soap in my cart. But then I get to … [Read more...]

Disney World Planning Tips – Pass Time in the Car, Pack a Goodie Bag

A car ride to Walt Disney World can be long and boring, especially for children in the backseat.  Each trip I try to find creative ways to pass the time for my daughter.    One tradition that I do every trip we take to Disney is creating a goodie bag for my little one to dig through once we hit the road!For months before our trip I keep my eyes peeled for some fun activities to stash away.  The Target dollar bin is a great place to find a lot of Disney themed toys and books.  Walgreen's, … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Tupperware

Hey Moms!  Here is a Disney World Quick tip I use every time we stay at the Walt Disney World ResortKeep your vanity area in your room tidy by packing along a few storage containers to keep your toiletries in.  Let's face it, with kids (and even husbands) scurrying around in the mornings, little items such as hair clips, earrings and toothbrushes can get tossed just about anywhere.Before you leave your room in the mornings, just toss all of the items in your storage tote and place them … [Read more...]

Affordable In Room Fun – Disney Spa Night

Walt Disney World is such a fun vacation with so many add on features that you could never get bored, no matter how many times  you visit The Mouse.  However, some extras cost more than others and it all really comes down to your priorities and budget while on vacation.  The first few times we went to Walt Disney World with my daughter we were truly just lucky to be there.  We were young parents (and still are), with my husband still in college and working to support our family while I stayed … [Read more...]

Good Eats – Best Breakfast Item at Tusker House

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and finding a good breakfast at Walt Disney World isn't all that hard.  But finding something a little less traditional than eggs, bacon and Mickey waffles might be a bit more of a challenge.  That is why I love Tusker House.  The breakfast menu is anything but traditional and very memorable!The best breakfast item at the Tusker House is the Cheese Blintz with the Fruit Compote!  What is a Cheese Blintz you say? They are an egg based pancake … [Read more...]

Blizzard Beach- A Family Friendly Water Park!

If you are considering going to Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World but are wondering how family friendly it really is, let me tell you that out of all the water parks I have frequented this is by far the most family oriented I have found!   Disney does a great job of remembering kids of all ages (even big ones like me) at Blizzard Beach.  They have created a really fun park where families of all sizes can make ever lasting memories!First off, let me say that safety is Disney's main goal at … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Moms at Walt Disney World

My first trip to Walt Disney World as a mom was a complete mess.  I was unorganized and unprepared.  I experienced a lot of stressful events at Walt Disney World that year, so to spare you from making the same mistakes I made...Here are my top 5 tips for Moms at Walt Disney World.Always take baby wipes, no matter what age your child (or husband) is!  Someone is bound to get messy and it is great not having to run into the bathroom here or there just to wash hands.  They are also great … [Read more...]