Gossiping with Keegan Allen of Pretty Little Liars

Yesterday Keegan Allen, Toby, from Pretty Little Liars, sat down to gossip about his life and his role on Pretty Little Liars.  Pretty Little Liars all new season starts tonight night at 8pm on ABC Family!I have heard you say and read on your website that you are a complete 180 from your character Toby, how to do you mentally prepare for such a roll? I tend to pull from people in my past.  A lot of dark kids in highschool who have turned out to be super cool, I go back to that time and … [Read more...]

Face Painting at Walt Disney World


Face painting at Walt Disney World can be a lot of fun! I love seeing the kids walking around all dolled up, you can tell they are feeling fine! Face painting is also a great cheaper alternative to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and the Pirates League.Face painting at Walt Disney World is actually an outsourced service.  The company that does the painting does almost all of the faces at every theme park in Orlando, so you know they have to be good (especially since Disney hires them)!  The … [Read more...]

A Relaxing Evening at Walt Disney World – Tambu Lounge

Walt Disney World IS the very best vacation a person can take, in my opinion.  It is so fun and an on the go vacation.  But sometimes enough is enough and you and your family could really use a break from being over walked and over stimulated inside the theme parks! No worries - you can have a wonderful relaxing evening on Walt Disney property and still feel immersed in the Disney spirit! You never know, it could end up being your very favorite evening on vacation!When I need a break from … [Read more...]

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Izzy Speaks Out – Interview with Madison Pettis

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

If you have little children and watch Disney Junior, I am sure you have heard and watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Catchy songs and fun pirates make this show great for preschoolers and their moms :)! But in case you have missed the show here is what it is all about:The show revolves around a group of three children (two boys and a girl) who are pirates in Never Land (vs. Peter Pan's Neverland), looking for treasure. Their main challenges revolve around Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and … [Read more...]

ABC Family’s Jane By Design Season 1 Review

Jane By Design is an all new show on ABC Family that just finished its first season!   The superstar cast and excellent writers have put all they had into this dynamite new show!Win a copy of Jane by Design before you can buy it! Click here to enter!When Jane Quimby  is mistaken for an adult during an internship interview at a hip fashion company, Donovan Decker, she gets hired on as an assistant to the all powerful Gray Chandler Murray.  The show from there is all about how Jane … [Read more...]