Traveling with a toddler to Disney…lets get real!


Envision this:  A "magical" trip to Disney with your toddler.  Nothing but smiles and tears of joy.  The outbursts are non-existent, your child's patience are at an all time high, and waiting doesn't evoke a concern in the world.  These are the trips that I envisioned, strives for, and dreamed of.  Now don't get me wrong; our trips have been incredibly magical and filled with amazing memories that are sure to last more than a lifetime.  However reality reared it's ugly head early on in our … [Read more...]

New Fantasyland and your Toddler Part 1

Dumbo 1

On my son's first trip to Disney I was incredibly disappointed that there were not many options to let infants/toddlers crawl around.  Now before I get virtually stoned for my previous statement, this was around the time that Pooh's play area was closed in Magic Kingdom to make way for New Fantasyland.  At that time I had no idea what to expect and I was concerned that there wasn't going to be much for the younger crowd.  I am happy to say that I couldn't have been more wrong!My first stop … [Read more...]

My Top 5 must have, most forgotten items for the kids!

Our prince tuckered out after running in Disney for literally 13 hours!!!

35 Days!  Yes that is the countdown until our "Holiday" trip begins!  I usually am pretty stress free (except for the night before/morning of the trip).  This trip however is a bit different for me.  This upcoming trip I will be traveling with BOTH kids!  Yes I know some of you are old pro's at this but for us this is the first time traveling with not just one child but 2!  I am not embarrassed to admit I am a little stressed! I have the traveling with one kid down pat...Jr has been to Disney 3 … [Read more...]

Green alien cupcakes a perfect Halloween dessert!


This week I decided to tackle some adorable cupcakes with the help of my 2 year old.  We are always looking for fun activities that also aid in learning!  Jr loved baking with mommy! The recipe can be found here!  I think this recipe is a great on that can be used for a Halloween party!First you will want to grab all of your supplies.  I had everything pre-measured and pre-cut so my 2 year old didn't get bored!You will need:Cake Mix Vanilla Frosting Green food … [Read more...]

What you can do to get your kids ready for Character Meet & Greets!

Jungle 1

When we started taking John to Disney World people told us we were crazy, he is too young, he won't remember, blah blah blah.  His first trip was when he was 8 months old.  We took a Disney cruise on the Disney Dream (this was AMAZING), and then we headed off to Disney World for 4 more nights.  This vacation was the best vacation ever!  We made memories that he may not remember, but we sure will!  While at Castaway Cay he met Donald, his first character.This meeting was love at first … [Read more...]