Doing Laundry vs Bringing a full suitcase

Have you flown lately? Airline baggage fees have become outrageous! You could drop anywhere between $15 to $70 (for oversize bags) PER bag.At Walt Disney World  there are a lot of supplies that you honestly need to bring with you in order to save a lot of money in the park. My Perfectly Packed WDW Packing List for 7 days could end up costing you quite a lot in baggage fees.And what is the majority of weight in suitcases? CLOTHES!!Did you know that all resorts on Disney property have … [Read more...]

Tastes so good – Casey’s Corner hotdogs

When you're walking right down the middle of Main Street USA you'll look straight ahead and see the castle... It will make you sigh!If you look to your left you'll look you'll see Casey's Corner hotdogs... it will make you drool!My absolute favorite counter service meal comes from Casey's Corner! No, its not one of the fancy-shmancy gourmet hotdogs they're selling for about $3.00 more now. Its a good, old fashion, DELICIOUS hot dog.My kids love the corn-dog nuggets there, but when I … [Read more...]

Help Me! What info is available at Guest Relations?

Did you lose your keys? Do you need to convert your currency? Have your tickets gone missing and you need reprints? Well, you need to find Guest Relations at a Disney Park!Guest Relations stations are at every park in Walt Disney World.They will be marked with a lowercase 'i' in a bright blue rectangle on your park map.There are two in Magic Kingdom. One is outside of the park entrance so you can ask questions before entering the park if you need to. The other is in City Hall.Epcot … [Read more...]

Favorite Disney Websites – Tips from the Disney Diva

  Ok, I may be a little biased, but one of my FAVORITE Disney trip-planning websites is Tips from the Disney Diva www.tipsfromthedisneydiva.comThe site, which really began taking off in December of 2009, was originally designed to help families in the planning process for their trip to Walt Disney World, but is expanding this year with the addition of multiple "Diva & Devo" writers who specialize in tips on:- Disneyland trip planning - RunDisney Events - WDW & Dland dining, … [Read more...]

Disney Diva Tips: Disney World Printable Checklist of Age-Appropriate Rides

Because many of us traveling with children to Walt Disney World need to do some serious planning ahead of time, my husband and I have put together a printable spreadsheet of attractions including rides, shows, and character meals  in Animal Kingdom and the ages that each gender  might enjoy them the best.There are two spread-sheets here on each link, divided by gender. On the bottom left you will see a tab saying something like " Epcot boy" or "Epcot girl" to click on based on the gender of … [Read more...]

Disney Diva’s Tips: In case of emergency

Unfortunately I saw an emergency  first hand with my own daughter as blood gushed from my 20 month old's head. Let me explain....On the first day we came in we decided to go over to Ft. Wilderness (our first time over to it) and eat at Trails End Buffet then later join Chip and Dale for the Campfire Sing-along. I'll have to tell the truth and say that I wasn't that impressed with Trails End. The food (what I got to taste of it) was good, but none of the waitresses (until the emergency) … [Read more...]

Disney Diva’s Top 5 Tips: What happens if I get sick at Walt Disney World?

I have been sick as a DOG at Disney World two times. I’m not going to lie, it was beyond miserable. I never go to Disney World without any medicines, which is why I wrote my article “Trust me, you need drugs” that lists all the medicines I recommend you have.We were discussing on the Tips from the Disney Diva Facebook Page about times when we, or our family members were sick at WDW and what advice we would give to people when this happens.I think we basically settled on “plan ahead and … [Read more...]

Diva Tips: Top 5 tips for surviving the busiest week of the year

In late September I received a phone call from Dave, who is a DEAR friend of Disney Dad’s and mine. Dave was calling with a Disney question. “We are thinking of taking the girls on a surprise trip to WDW from Santa. What do you think?”“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, I screamed into the phone as if he was giving me news that they were moving away.Let me be clear when I say that you’ve gotta be 34 flavors of CRAZY to go to Walt Disney World the week between Christmas and New Years or the fourth of … [Read more...]

Review: The Help – Available on Blue- Ray and DVD on December 6th, 2011

DreamWorks PG rated movie, The Help, will be out just in time to add it to your shopping list  for this Holiday season on December 6, 2011. This beautiful story, which is available on Blue-Ray (tm) Combo-Pack, DVD, Digital Download and On-Demand, will take viewers back to the early 1960's at the beginning of the integration and the African- American Civil Rights Movement. Specifically focusing on the interaction between African-American maids and their Caucasian employers in the Deep South … [Read more...]

The 10 Commandments of Walt Disney World Trips

There are some things that you just should not... SHOULD NOT do when you're at Walt Disney World. They are major time pitfalls!  Think of them as being the 10 Commandments of Walt Disney World trips! Commit them to memory, recite them daily if you have to. Just follow them, or risk a disaster of a trip! You wont wander Egypt, but WDW will feel just as big! 1) KNOW THY MAP- Before you even leave you should study Disney World maps like you were about to pick a college! Knowing WHERE things are … [Read more...]