The 10 Commandments of Walt Disney World

There are some things that you just should not... SHOULD NOT do when you're at Walt Disney World. They are major time pitfalls!  Think of them as being the 10 Commandments of Walt Disney World trips! Commit them to memory, recite them daily if you have to.Just follow them, or risk a disaster of a trip! You wont wander Egypt, but WDW will feel just as big!1) KNOW THY MAP- Before you even leave you should study Disney World maps like you were about to pick a college! Knowing WHERE things … [Read more...]

Under the Tuscan Sun coming to Blu-ray July 3, 2012


 Experience the inspiring romantic comedy starring Academy Award nominee Diane Lane (Best Actress, 2002, Unfaithful) for the first time on Blu-ray, featuring an all-new digital restoration with enhanced picture and sound.Based on the #1 New York Times best-selling book, Under The Tuscan Sun follows San Francisco writer Frances Mayes (Lane) on a ten-day trip to Tuscany. Once there, she is captivated by the beautiful Italian countryside, and impulsively buys an aging, but charming … [Read more...]

DVD Review: Debby Ryan stars in Radio Rebel


Diversity, Embracing Who You Are, Be Yourself, Believe in Yourself all things you want your kids and pre-teens thinking about and embracing. Enter the new Disney Channel Movie, Radio Rebel, stage right.Tara, played by Debby Ryan, is perhaps one of the shyest characters I've ever seen played on Disney Channel. She can barely get a word out to anybody other than her BFF, Audrey (played by Sarena Parmar). however, like most teenagers, there's more than one side to Tara. And it appears that she … [Read more...]

Brave Storybook Deluxe and Brave Interactive Comic Apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch


If you are excited that Brave is now in theaters, you'll love playing with these new apps on your Apple device.  The “Brave: Storybook Deluxe” ($6.99 - for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and “Brave Interactive Comic"  ($1.99 - for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) Apps, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, incorporate dynamic animation and interactive content as readers follow the story of Princess Merida, who defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom and must rely on her bravery to undo a … [Read more...]

The Aristocats : Classic Storybook App for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch


I had a chance to try out The Aristocats: Classic Storybook App for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and I really liked it and wanted to share the app with you.The app, which is $3.99 in the iTunes store, allows the owner to use their Apple device to “read” the storybook. You will find interactive games such as puzzles, piano lessons, and pictures to “paint” online, embedded in the story as you progress through the pages.When you first log on you will be asked to “personalize” your book … [Read more...]