Don’t forget to pack your Medicine!


Normally I would tell you to just say no to drugs, but on a  Disney World Vacation I'm tellin' you...YOU BETTA BRING SOME WITH YOU!!!On two of my trips to WDW I got sick. Sick as a dog. Sick as in "please Jesus let me DIE before my throat explodes" kind of sick.  I'm fairly sure  I spent as much on medicine at the gift shops as I did on park-tickets!People book Disney vacations months in advance, so if they, or their children get sick it is extremely likely they will go ahead and on … [Read more...]

Disney Quick Tips – How to interact with a Disney Addict

For those of you who are not Disney Addicts this addiction may seem confusing and overwhelming. The idea that someone would choose to take every vacation at the same location might challenge you. "What is the big deal?", you might ask yourself, "Isn't Disney just a sweltering hot, packed-out theme-park full of kiddy rides and over-priced fast food?"What you must understand is that to a true Disney Addict, every trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland is a homecoming. To the Disney Addict WDW … [Read more...]

Bambi: Disney Classics Storybook app for iPad, iPod, and iPhone.


Return to the forest and uncover the magic of Bambi in a brand new storybook app, Bambi: Disney Classics!Under the guidance of his mother and with the help from pals Thumper and Flower, Bambi learns about the wonder of nature and the power of friendship and family through an immersive digital storytelling experience.  The fourth app in the “Disney Classics” series follows on the heels of The Aristocats, The Jungle Book and Peter Pan, masterfully retelling the tale of Bambi for families in a … [Read more...]

New Spider Man Augmented Reality App from Disney Publishing


Just in time for this summer’s Spider-Man blockbuster, Disney Publishing Worldwide has released The Amazing Spider-Man Augmented Reality HD Book App, featuring interactive art, photos, and activities directly from and inspired by the film.The app allows kids to experience Peter Parker’s transformation first-hand through mini-games and interactive augmented reality elements like putting on Spider-Man mask, wearing Peter’s father’s glasses, controlling spiders as they crawl on your face, … [Read more...]

Brave: Storybook Deluxe and Brave Interactive Comic Book iPad/ iPhone Apps Review


Everybody is loving the Brave new Princess and these two new apps for your Apple device. will keep you and your little ones entertained for hours.   The “Brave: Storybook Deluxe” ($6.99 – for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and “Brave Interactive Comic”  ($1.99 – for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) Apps, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, incorporate dynamic animation and interactive content as readers follow the story of Princess Merida, who defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom … [Read more...]