Using Walt Disney World Park Hopper Option

When planning our Disney World Vacation we always make sure when we order our tickets we get the Park Hopper option. While at the parks one of our favorite things to do in Disney World is Park Hop! To us there is something about being in different parks in the same day that makes our Disney Day complete.Don't get me wrong we have spent many days in the same park and had a blast, but having the choice of leaving a park jumping on a boat, bus or monorail and being in a whole new place to … [Read more...]

Let’s Go See a Show – Our Favorite Disney World Shows

Everybody has their favorite Disney World Show for one reason or another, like the songs and story, sentimental reasons, cuteness factor and so on, whatever the case Disney shows are like no other!  From Broadway to action and from whimsy to fairy-tales Disney shows has something for everyone!I have to say I enjoy them all and try to do as many as time allows per trip but there are always those few that I just have to get to, no matter what! Fireworks. Parades and Dinner shows aside (that's … [Read more...]

Baby its Hot Outside! Here’s how to keep cool at Disney

We have all said it or at least heard it a few times while visiting WDW... "I'm hot" "its soooo hot" "I think I'm melting" you get the picture ;)Let's face it, that Florida heat can be brutal and staying cool can be trying! So since we visit allot in the summer here are few tips that we use to try and keep cool...Drinking water - seems easy enough but we learned the hard way that it is a must!! My mom on one summer Disney trip said "I just didn't feel thirsty" but then she started … [Read more...]

Stay and Dine in Disney Hollywood Studios!

There are so many wonderful places to eat in WDW that narrowing down your choices can be hard to do!Choosing by Park can always help so today we will be spotlighting Table Service Places in Disney's Hollywood Studios!Let's start with the Buffet in the group... Hollywood and Vine~ Here you can dine with Characters like Jake from Disney Junior's "Jake and the Never Land Pirates", Agent OSO from "Special Agent OSO" as well as Handy Manny, and June from "Little Einstein's". Now keep in mind … [Read more...]

Is Downtown Disney a Disney Must Do?

So many people seem to think that Downtown Disney is only shopping and true, there is allot of shopping to be had here, but there is so much more! From movies and bowling to food and entertainment!Food for one is a big part, we seem to always schedule a trip to DTD by where we want to eat...If you are just here to shop till you drop and want to grab a quick snack then you could choose from Pretzels and Fried Candy Bars at Wetzel's Pretzels and Cookes of Dublin or how about candy and sweets … [Read more...]

Disney Foodie Favorites – Dinner

Well my Disney Foodie Friends this is our last installment in the series...for now! If you have missed the past Disney Food Favorites check out this link.The wonderful thing about Disney food is there are so many places and new dishes to try that list are ever changing and if you're a Disney Foodie then that is a good thing! So lets wrap this up with a bang and with that I say... Dinner is Served ;)Now this can be a debate that can go on forever, there are peoples favorite places that … [Read more...]

Disney Foodie Favorites – Lunch!

So far in our Disney Foodie Series we have covered Snacks and Breakfast!  Today lets do Lunch! Once again lets break this down by parks, resorts and DTD plus by counter service to table service , because lets face it there's waaaaay too many favorites to narrow it down to just one ;)First up Magic Kingdom~ My favorite counter service here in MK has never wavered, and that says alot because I am always open to new places and new taste. Columbia Harbour House, we have always liked anything we … [Read more...]

Disney Foodie Favorites – Breakfast!

Last week on our Disney Foodie Series we talked about Snacks, now let’s move on to some Breakfast favorites!! This is one meal that most people are divided on...have pop tarts or cereal in the room for a quick get up and go type of breakfast or grab something in your food court, maybe stop and grab a pastries or cupcake in the park or make an ADR for a sit-down breakfast like at Kona or Boma or do you wake up early on the day your ADR window opens and book Chef Mickey or Cinderella’s Castle to … [Read more...]

Disney Foodie Favorites – SNACKS!

Are you a Disney foodie?You know… do you think about where you’re going to eat on your next trip while your countdown is still going for your current trip? Do you have a list of must have snacks, and check them off as you go? Do you plan your park day around where you going to eat later? Are you sure to be up and ready to dial or click at 7am to get into Cinderella’s Castle or Ohana’s? Do you make everyone in your group wait while you snap a picture of their food before they touch it?If … [Read more...]

Can’t decide on where to stay on your Disney World Vacation? Take a Resort Tour!

One big decision when planning your Disney World Vacation is where to stay?Some people have a favorite that they never waver from, while some make it a mission to stay every place at least once! Others choose in the categories Disney has set, value, moderate or deluxe for one reason or another.So how do you choose and why? Budget, Location, Room Size, the Look, Newest… The list could go on and on, and for some it does and for others it’s a no brainer!Years ago when we went on our … [Read more...]