The Disney Tattoo – Is It Right For You?


Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular these days, and people get them for all kinds of reasons. You can essentially get anything you can think of tattooed on your body, and a lot of people use it as a way to express themselves and their beliefs. And there are a lot of people who use it to express their love of DISNEY - whether it be a specific character, quote, movie, theme park, ride - you can really customize a tattoo to say exactly what it is you love about Disney! … [Read more...]

How I spent My Day In Downtown Disney

DTD Raglan Road Band

My family and I were lucky enough to spend a whole week in Walt Disney World a few months ago, and when we were planning the trip, we decided to save ourselves a little money and skip purchasing park tickets for one of the days - which left us free to enjoy all that Downtown Disney to offer (which is a lot!)One great thing about Downtown Disney is if you plan on spending the day there, you can SLEEP IN!!!! That’s right, no 7am rope drop or mad dash to rides necessary here – as many of the … [Read more...]

WDW Resorts – Which Deluxe Resort Is Right For Me?


Over the last two weeks I have discussed the benefits of staying at the Walt Disney World Value and Moderate Resorts. If you still aren't sure where to stay, then read on for some information about WDW's top of the line Deluxe Resorts!Price: These are Disney's top of the line Resorts, which means the price is (quite a bit) higher per room than at either the Value or Moderate Resorts. The room rates at these Resorts starts at around $260 per night, and going up to $800 or more per night … [Read more...]

Disney World Resorts – Which Moderate Resort Is Right For Me?

Caribbean Beach

Last week I talked about the WDW Value Resorts, and gave some information that hopefully helped you decide if they would work for you and your family. While the Value Resorts are great, they aren't for everyone, and if you're not sure the over the top decor and super family friendly atmosphere of the Value Resorts is quite your style, then read on for some information about Disney's Moderate Resorts:Price: Moderate means "middle of the road", so at these Resorts, you will pay more for a room … [Read more...]

Which Disney World Value Resort Is Right For Me?

Value Room

So you've decided you are going to vacation at Walt Disney World, and now you have to decide where to stay. My research and experience shows that staying on WDW property is the best choice (Why stay on property? Click here for some reasons).Once you've made the decision to stay on property, it's time to pick a Resort! And when it comes to picking which Walt Disney World Resort you are going to stay at, the choices are endless, and can certainly be confusing!Here are some things to … [Read more...]

Enjoying Chef Mickey’s As An Adult Diner

ChefMickey Pluto

Over the years, Chef Mickey's has gotten a not-so-amazing reputation, mostly for the food not being great, and it also has become known as a place that's really just for kids and familiesPersonally, I completely disagree with both of those statements - I happen to love the food, and as an adult I love going there and enjoying the atmosphere they have to offer.So why should you, an adult who can pick any place in Walt Disney World to eat, choose to eat at Chef Mickey's?Well, there are … [Read more...]

Tips For Battling The Peak Season Crowds at Disney World


This past April, my parents, husband and I made a trip to Walt Disney World during Spring Break (the week of Easter), and even though we used to go every year at this time when I was a kid, I was still concerned about the crowds. I was worried that it would be so crowded that we wouldn't even be able to move, much less actually ride or do anything!Since I knew it would be busy, I did my research, and came up with some some ways to deal with the crowds. You can't prevent the Parks from being … [Read more...]

“Buy This Not That” – Optimizing Your DDP Snack Credits


Will you be using the Disney Dining Plan on your next Walt Disney World vacation? I know I will, I have used it a few times and love it - its great to not have to worry about paying out of pocket for meals and snacks!Speaking of snacks (yum I could go for one right now!), they are a part of every Disney Dining Plan, and allow you to purchase various snack items from restaurants, carts and stands throughout the Theme Parks and Resorts.How do you know what items you can purchase as a … [Read more...]

Top Five WDW Non Theme Park Activites For Adults


Anyone who has ever been to Walt Disney World can tell you that there is a whole world beyond the 4 theme parks, with so many things to do that you could spend a whole week doing them and not even set foot in the Parks! Of course, I wouldn't recommend that, as the Theme Parks are amazing too, but what I would recommend is that you try some of these awesome non theme park activities for when you need a little break from all the Park action: … [Read more...]

Top 5 WDW Theme Park Activities That Adults Will Love


Growing up, I was lucky enough to get to travel to Walt Disney World almost every year for vacation. And now, as an Adult Who Loves WDW, I find that there are some things that I loved as a kid that I still love doing, but I also have discovered some new and exciting things that might be right up your alley too!So here are my Top Five Walt Disney World Theme Park Activities For Adults (In no particular order!)1. "Behind The Scenes" Tours - There are a few of these out there, including the … [Read more...]