Downtown Disney Offers More Than Just Shopping And Restaurants!

Downtown Disney is known for its wide variety of shopping and restaurant options, but did you know that it offers a lot more than just food and stores? It's really an entertainment complex, offering so many things to do that you could spend a whole day there and not even come close to experiencing all the fun!Here are some of the unique things you can do at Downtown Disney:Catch A Movie: the AMC movie theater offers all the new releases, and also has a bar/lounge area you can relax and … [Read more...]

Things you can only get at Walt Disney World…

It’s not always easy being an adult Walt Disney World lover. When I tell people I am headed to WDW on my next vacation, I get that weird look, that one that says “really? What a weirdo”…usually it only lasts a second, and they say something like “Oh, that’s nice” when what they really mean is “that’s for kids…I wouldn’t want to go there”. In these situations, I usually try to be a Disney cheerleader, rallying for Team WDW, and i have come up with this list of things that are so unique, that you … [Read more...]

The Magic Kingdom – Why It’s Worth Waking Up Early For

Many people like to relax, take it easy, and sleep in on vacation. I am all for relaxation, but when I am vacationing at Walt Disney World, I personally prefer to get up early and make the most of my days at the Parks. My favorite Park by far is the Magic Kingdom, and I think in part because it's a very accommodating Park for those of us who like to get an early start to our day!So why should you wake up early for the Magic Kingdom? Well, here are the top 5 reasons:Rope Drop - Every … [Read more...]

Have you tried these fun things to do OUTSIDE of the WDW Theme Parks?

Walt Disney World has four theme parks to offer guests which are all amazing and special in their own ways. But it doesn't stop there. The vision extends beyond the parks in so many ways, and there are tons of activities you can do that don't require a park admission, like:Watersports- Sammy Duvall's Watersports Centre at the Contempotary Resort has waterskiing, parasailing and wakeboarding, and you can rent all kinds of boats from canoes to jetskis to motorboats at many of the resorts. And … [Read more...]

Monorail Happy Hour – An Adult Escape!

For those of you who have been to Walt Disney World before, you know that around 2 pm, the Magic Kingdom gets super crowded, the sun gets super hot, and the complaining/meltdowns/tantrums begin - and we aren't just talking kid meltdowns, I have witnessed many adult ones too! It's hot, crowded, you're tired, and you just need a break.My suggestion? Hop on the monorail and head over to the three monorail resorts for some rest, relaxation, and some adult beverages!Start your tour at The … [Read more...]

Fort Wilderness – The Perfect Resort For Families!

Once you have made the decision to vacation at Walt Disney World, The Place Where Dreams Come True, then along come other decisions that you need to make, one of them being, "where will we sleep?"WDW offers a large variety of Resort Hotels, in all price ranges, and they are all great places to stay. If you have kids, a standard hotel room might work for you and your family, but you also might find that there is another option - WDW's Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort. Why is this Resort … [Read more...]

Art of Animation vs Pop Century – Which Resort is Right For You?

  Planning a Walt Disney World vacation is hard work - there are so many questions to answer! Where to eat, what to do, and one of the most important ones- where to stay! To answer that question, I must say that I HIGHLY recommend staying on WDW property (there are so many benefits that make it totally worth it!)For me and my family (and probably a lot of you too!), it's the WDW Value Resorts all the way, and I know the real question for us is: Do we stay at Pop Century … [Read more...]

“A Night On The Town” – Couples Activities Outside the WDW Parks

A Walt Disney World vacation should be fun for everyone - not just your kids - the adults should get to enjoy all that WDW has to offer too! I know when it's a 'family vacation', everything tends to revolve around the kids, which is all well and good, but what about the grown up fun? Everyone deserves to enjoy a vacation, so hire a babysitter for the kids, and head out for some 'adult friendly fun' outside the Parks:Eats: Tired of eating chicken nuggets and burgers and fighting for a table … [Read more...]

Top 5 Walt Disney World Rides for Couples

Believe it or not, Walt Disney World is not just for kids/families, it can also be a romantic place to vacation for couples as well! Should you find yourself in the mood for a little Disney Romance, then check out these top romantic rides for couples:1. Peter Pan’s Flight – Board a pirate ship for a trip to Neverland! The ships are suspended from the ceiling, giving you the feeling that you are flying, as you soar through scenes from the movie. It’s set mostly in the dark, plus you get to … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Guy Friendly Disney World Activities

It’s no secret that a lot of folks out there think that Walt Disney World is kid’s stuff. I am completely opposed to this way of thinking, and believe there truly is something there for everyone. One of my hardest audiences that I have encountered is my husband – he just doesn’t seem to love WDW like I do, and it took a LOT of convincing to get him to agree to go to WDW again. So the real question in his mind is “what’s in it for me?” Well, check out some of the ‘guy-friendly’ activities below … [Read more...]