Disney Lingo – Do You Speak It?

Disney Lingo goes a little like this:  "I have a pre RD ADR at CP.  Then, I'm heading to get FPs for BTMRR while riding PotC standby.  After this, we're spending the rest of the day at MK, hitting the headliners.  We'll catch the bus to DtD and then back to BC for swimming and dinner."Did you catch that?  If not, here is the translation:  "I have a pre-rope drop advanced dining reservation at Crystal Palace.  Then, I'm heading to get FastPasses for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad while riding … [Read more...]

10 Adult Only Must Dos at Walt Disney World

When you think of a Walt Disney World trip, many people don't think of it as "adult only".  Right?  With the theming of many resorts, the characters in the parks, and so many character dining options, it doesn't seem like a destination for an adult only trip.  However, with a little planning and advice, you can turn the kid friendly atmosphere of Walt Disney World into an adult only destination in no time!  Here are my 10 Adult Only Must Dos at Walt Disney World!Stay at a resort that … [Read more...]

Around the Universe-Exciting New Happenings at Universal Orlando Resort

Orlando is also home to one of the most amazing theme parks in the United States-Universal Orlando Resort.   And for any great movie fan, Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure are a "must do"!  Especially if you have a Harry Potter fan in your family! Here at Chip and Co, we like to keep you up to date on all the Orlando attractions and events.  Did you know that even avid Disney fans will add a two or three night stay at the Universal Orlando Resort?  Today I'm sharing with you some of the … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Sail Disney Cruise Line on October 16th

Disney Cruise Line offers the perfect combination of family fun, relaxation, and Disney magic while experiencing the Bahamas and Castaway Cay!  Disney Cruise Line is perfect for any frequent Disney traveler, and offers something to do for everyone in your family.  So why not set sail with your fellow Disney Addicts for the October 16th sailing to the Bahamas?  Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Sail Disney Cruise Line on October 16th:The Disney Dream departs on Thursday, October 16th.  That … [Read more...]

Squish and Sculpt with the New Squish Mickey Mouse Clubhouse App

I am always looking for some summer fun that pushes the limits of creativity and imagination?  During those hot summer days, or long summer road trips, my 4 year old uses my iPad quite a bit!  And of course, she has her favorite Disney apps!  Now, Disney Publishing has released “Squish: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” the next app in its growing collection of Disney Junior’s creativity-based apps where children can sculpt and squish anything their imagination can dream up. This Disney Publishing … [Read more...]

Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier Coming to Bluray/DVD in September

Marvel's original Avenger, Captain America returns in Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming to 3D Combo Pack this September.   You can own the movie that changed everything with exclusive bonus features!  This is the year's #1 Live Action adventure from Walt Disney Studios home Entertainment.  According to Access Hollywood, it is "better than the Avengers" and "action packed" according to the NY Daily News.  Captain America and his new ally The Falcon team together to beat the Winter … [Read more...]

Ten Planning Tips to a Smoother Walt Disney World Vacation

Do you want to have a smoother Walt Disney World vacation?  I am sure you do!  Considering Walt Disney World takes up about the size of San Francisco, planning your way around the parks is a must!  Even frequent Disney travelers like myself need to do a bit of planning.  Even if you don't use a hard core Touring Plan, or plan every meal down to the sprinkles on your Disney cupcakes during the 3 o'clock parade, some planning is necessary.  So today I am going to share Ten Planning Tips to a … [Read more...]

Five Disney Dining Tips for Your Arrival and Departure Days

Arrival and departure days at Walt Disney World can require just as much thought as the days in between.  Whether you are flying in or driving in, when you arrive at Walt Disney World,  you are ready to start your trip and you are also probably a bit tired.  So how do you manage a hungry family in need of some Disney magic after being in the car or in airports all day?  These days are a great time to enjoy some of the Disney restaurants outside the parks.  Today I am sharing some Disney Dining … [Read more...]

Disney Quick Tip: What to Wear in the Disney Parks

Disney World touring involves a lot of walking-and since it's Florida, you are bound to be in the warm sun!  You may see many families who have created coordinating t-shirts, the little princesses fresh from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, and even dads sporting their Mickey Mouse gear.  Comfort is key, yes....but you don't have to sacrifice your style while in the Disney parks either!  So today, I am going to share with you What to Wear in the Disney Parks!Comfortable walking shoes.  This can … [Read more...]

Less Stress and More Magic at Walt Disney World

When you stay on Disney property, you have everything you need, right at your fingertips?  Right?  Usually, that is the case.  Small shops at resorts and Downtown Disney can provide some basic needs, there are a few grocery stores right in the area, and Disney even rents their own strollers...uncomfortable and slightly impractical...but you can rent a stroller at the parks. However, there are some businesses that can make your Disney experience even easier and more magical that I want to share … [Read more...]