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    Hi Brittiany and thanks for reading. We purchased water after security to use in my son’s sippy cup as well as brought one of the Horizon shelf-stable milks. We had no problem at the Newark airport with the milk. Departing from Orlando, they inspected the milk but ultimately returned it without a problem.

    As to the DVD player, my advice is to bring it! Since they board the plane so early, we were physically on the plane for a good 3+ hours which is tough for a 2 year old. The DVD helped a lot. Good luck!

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    Hi Kelly. My sister-in-law did rent the CARES system (I wish she asked me – she didn’t know I had one to lend her) so it is possible. I think she used Craigslist. Good luck!

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    Brittiany Sells

    I got the GoGo Squeez already in the bag, but I hadn’t thought about the snack trap. We usually just get the small bags of snacks and haven’t had many issues. It might be worth it to get one though; I’d hate to leave a mess for the flight attendants. I also got our little guy (who is also 2) a sippy cup for the flight and got a couple of the small juice bottles. I read you can bring juice for small children. I went ahead and got the small 4 oz. bottles just in case. Did you bring your own juice? Any issues coming through security?

    We have a portable DVD player, but for some reason my mother-in-law doesn’t really want me to bring it. I don’t know if she thinks it’ll be a hassle or what. Personally i wouldn’t mind whatever hassle it might be if it keeps him calm and entertained… so wish me luck there!

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    Lisa I just love all of your tips. Ditto to the stroller, DVD player and snack trap. While my son has a wheeled cars mini suitcase, I never thought to bring that rather than a chunky bag…thanks for the tip! I will be looking into the GoGo Squeeze for our upcoming trip. Someone told me that you can actually rent those CARES systems on ebay…that may be a thought. :0)

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