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    We enjoy the Canadian pavilion. Last time we spent a good almost hour walking around it taking pictures. My kid enjoyed talking w/ the CMs at the Kidcot station. DS1 is ready to get back and see the Totem Pole and take pictures of it for his friends at school. 1wk till we arrive!!!

    I do have to say I was very spoiled w/ my drink from there (we were DOTW). I got the Moosehead Light and LOVED it. All I can find here in TN is the Lager (though I’ve started getting that instead of Bud Light at home which drives DH nuts). Cant wait to get back and get another.

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    As an American, I do not like the way we are represented. All other countries are portrayed in mostly a good light. They show so many good things about each of the countries. Then we get to America. They are so negative. I am all about showing good and bad things but they seem interested in showing mostly bad views about America. Our wars, slavery etc. What happened to showing all the wonderful things about or people and all the natural beauty in the US? We have so many wonderful things to see and do here in America?

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    I love the uniqueness of each pavilion. As an American, I love the way we are represented at EPCOT. “The American Adventure” is a great history lesson. It makes me proud and weepy every time I see it!

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    When was the Circle-Vision film updated?

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    Deborah Ragno

    I don’t view the totem pole, Trading Post, canoe, or Mounties as “outdated representation” but rather a portrayal of the heritage of Canada. The same goes for the Viking ship (now gone) at the Norway pavilion. It is part of their history, their heritage, something that influenced who the people of Norway are today. We no longer have Fife and Drum Corps walking the streets of US cities, but they certainly are part of the heritage and history. If the pavilions only showed today’s representation of their country, in a decade every pavilion would truly be outdated. But the pavilions show much more than the current atmosphere of the nation — They reveal the rich history and heritage of each country, the very things that influenced the people of the country to become the nation they are today. And these are things that are unchanging and will never become outdated.

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    Capturing Magical Memories

    My favorite thing about the Canada pavilion are the cast members. I always have to go into to see where they are from. I have to tell you a secret. Last time I was at Le Cellier I asked where the beef came from – it comes from Austraila! (I am from Alberta so I ordered the salmon)

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